AMAS CO. LTD was establihed in 1983 in order to realize mechanical installation projects under the name of Teknikel Muhendislik Hizmetleri . In 1988, the company name was changed as AMAS CO LTD.

Our Head Office is located in Adana and Branch Office is located in Ankara.

Our company has already been approved having completed many projects in a wide spectrum , with quality and the notion of “pursuing the perfection,” since the day it was founded and has become an indispensible partner for its contractor companies.

Our company started manufacturing in 1998 till 1992 ;

   • Mold and hydraulic oil cooling system with process cooling for mini chiller and
   • Chilled water generator

for the plastic injection machine . During this period ; we also manufactured block ice machine under the name of Micro Ice Factory After ended up production facility in 1992, our company performs mechanical installation projects – heating ,cooling system, air conditioner in a wide range from personal systems to central systems including hotels , hospitals ,restaurants ,shopping malls …, etc.

With experienced mechanical engineers our company performs its activities that combine functionality with aesthetics, with a broad vision and focus on perpetual innovation. AMAS is willing to carry on its activites with a philosophy focused on improvement and development, error-free realization of projects and with higher efficiency.

In accordance with this belief ; Our team will continue to work with proven companies in the sector with their equipment - Duct Connected Air Conditioning System (Channel System Air Conditioners) , Roof –Top A/C Units ,Chiller , Radial Water Cooling Towers, ,Hot Water Boiler, Steam Boiler, Hot Oil Boiler, Evaporaive Cooler,Cold Air Storage, VRF Inverter Multi System Air Conditioning . In addition to this applications , our company has a considerable place with the ponds ,river water treatment plant construction and buildings of dirty waste water treatment plants built in refining sector.

We have also newly started heating and cooling system implementation from the wall and ceiling by using green (natural) energy.

As an Amas Co Ltd, Our mission is energy savings, aesthetic design, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction in service.
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