Heat recovery units are produced for the places which need 100% fresh in order to save energy. It is produced between 500 m³ / h - 4000 m³ / h air flow rate.Used for the places such as shopping malls, office buildings, houses..etc. Has been designed for easy installation&maintenance and can be placed between the ceiling .It is a compact device which has centrifugal fan motor directly coupled with the quiet operation, high efficiency recuperatoru, maximum sound and heat insulation made of cells with a full proof . Clean and fresh air is needed for the places which is made heating and cooling in order to improve air quality. Generally, the exhaust air instead of fresh air is taken directly from the external environment and in order to keep ambient air temperature , additional heating should be done.HEAT RECOVERY UNITS ; heat recovery recuparator does not mix and transfer the air thrown the out side and the air intaken , but intaken air gets closer the ambiant temprature. Less capacity than required for an auxiliary source of heat or cold can be provided with the desired temperature. %60 verimlilikteki ısı recuperatörü ile enerji tasarrufu gerçekleşir. It occurs energy savings with the 60% heat recuperator


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