The most beautiful side of evaporative cooling is that being simple.This cooling method is used for centuries.People in ancient times were put to bowls filled with water or damp cloth which made of fictile entrance of the tent . Evaporative cooling process; it has occured when hot air in contact with the water .Contact with hot air evaporating the water will lower the temperature of the air by absorbing heat. The water which contacts hot air evaporating the water will lower the temperature of the air by absorbing heat.

Evaporative coolers containe cooling pads with large surface . Pads remain permanently wet due to water motion. Powerful and quiet fan inside the device is absorbed by the hot air through the pads while in contact with water flowing through the pads. The evaporation process occurs naturally fresh and cool air obtain.So that comfort conditions can be ensured continuously This systems are indispensable for none humid regions.

Evaporative cooling is the only alternative for the cooling of large areas. A Breezair system, when compared with conventional systems,saves 80% energy depending on the conditions. 100% fresh air conditioning does not create any loos in cooling efficiency even open doors and windows. It does not circulate smoke, soot, germs or odors.The most important issue when the air temprature increases outside, cooling efficiency will be increased. This is the main advantage of evaporative cooling. If you are going to cool a small area in a big place ,evaporative cooling will again provide the ideal cooling. LOCAL COOLING: High speed cold air is affected directly to the place which needs to be cooled.



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