Centrifugal water-cooling towers are produced 16 standart types with 100,000 kcal / h - 1,750,000 kcal / h cooling capacity.With centrifugal fans work quiet and systematic.

1 - STANDART MODULAR BODY : It is created by merging with standard galvanized steel panels bolts, nuts. Number of panels increase according to the type and size of the tower .The profiles at the base of the tower allow the panels to be combined in a robust manner. Sealing is prevented with silicone . Depending on request , the body can be manufactured with glass fiber reinforced polyester.
2 - TOWER NOZZLES : It has specially been designed . PVC distribution pipes are composed of with drilled holes and galvanized angle distribution of special detectors. It provides eruption the water as pulverized. It is easily disassembled &cleaned and used again.
3 - WATER DISTRIBUTION PIPES : In a uniform distribution of water, with the goal of providing a home made PVC pipe and "T"-shaped arm .
4 - FILLING MATERIALS : Specially shaped PVC product, consists of layers with a maximum heat transfer efficiency. Can be easily assemble and disassemble.
5 - CENTRIFUGAL FANS : Centrifugal fans are completely made of galvanized steel sheet with dynamic and static balancing. Low-speed belt-driven pulley. It works quite and without vibration.
6 - ELIMINATOR : Special-shaped, up to 60 ° C heat-resistant material made of rigid PVC It is specially shaped which prevents water particles with air

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